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1Password is a manager to keep all your passwords protected from prying eyes. It stands out for its excellent integration with the operating system and the web browsers you use. Thanks to its master password design, this tool will keep your passwords, secret notes, and bank information safe, protecting all of them at the same time. You can use it to keep any type of personal information safe via security notes that let you store anything, even if it's not a password.

1Password also includes a password generator, so you'll always have safe passwords that are difficult to guess. The software will keep all your information safe, and you can activate it to access your accounts or to fill out forms safely and automatically from your browser. This tool is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer, so you can enjoy all its functions regardless of which browser you use.
The most common passwords of 2016 are still super insecure

Time marches on but some things never change: The list of common passwords is as insecure as ever. We saw it in 2014 and we saw it again in 2015 – this particular walk of shame will remain as agonizing as ever until society develops a bit more awareness of Internet security. Couldn't be otherwise, could it – we're looking at a lineup of the usual suspects like '123456' and 'qwerty.' Luckily this year we're not just going to give you a lecture about this – we've got a couple Android apps to notably improve the security vulnerabilities caused by weak passwords.
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